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Fleet Tracking Service $16.95

No Contract Fleet Tracking

  • Just $16.95 per month
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 15 Standard Reports
  • Google Maps®
  • Free Training
  • Dispatching, Geofencing, Speed Alerts
  • Satellite and Street View
  • Custom Plans if Needed
  • All the Features You Need and Expect

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Why Doesn’t Your Tracking Cost More?

  • We are lean!  We keep our costs low – Always
  • Privately Held Company – Wall Street Isn’t Our Boss
  • Our People Care! Our employees are dedicate to You
  • It Doesn’t Have to Cost More!

What’s the Catch?

  • No Catches!  We have to earn your business each month
  • The devices cost as little as $39.95 each – Though, that’s not really a catch…
  • No Contract? None!
  • Warranty?  Of Course!


Fleet Tracking Costs

fleet tracking service reports

What’s Important to You?

  • Find My Vehicles or Employees Any Time
  • See Where They Were Any Time in the Last Year
  • How Long Did They Actually Work?
  • Is This Timesheet Correct?
  • Did They Go Straight to the Job Site?
  • How Long Was Lunch?
  • Who Can Take a Job Right Next?
  • Dispatching to Job Sites
  • Navigation via Garmin®
  • Integration with our Systems
  • Free Technical Support

Who is Rhino Fleet Tracking?

Rhino Fleet Tracking was founded in 2007, backed by the founders of Smart Start, Inc (they put breathalyzers into cars!).  Our original fleet tracking system was built by our CEO and we still use a lot of the technology he created today.

We are GPS Tracking Device Agnostic. What does that even mean? It means that we can use tracking devices from almost any manufacturer to help you track your fleet.  It means that, in the case of special projects or custom needs, we can almost always find the right solution to your business problem.

Rhino is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and receives top satisfaction ratings as well.  Need a reference?  We have those.

At Rhino Fleet Tracking, Great Customer Service is a way of life.  Usually, when you call a fleet tracking company for help, you have the unfortunate experience of an automated phone system.  At Rhino, you always get to speak to a live person in the United States.  Day or Night, there is always a real, living person there to take your call.  You’ll even get to know our people by name.  And, if you have an issue, we actually call you back!

Rhino uses Google Maps®.  Why?  It’s the best and you probably already know how to use Google Maps.

We service companies in all 50 states and in over 15 countries around the world.

Need to know more?  Just give us a call.  Our real, living humans will answer the phone!


For More Information, Call 800-293-0420 and Request a Free Demo Today.

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