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Roadside Assistance

Rhino’s GPS Fleet Tracking System for Roadside Assistance Providers

In order to effectively serve their customers, roadside assistance providers must have an accurate, up-to-date and dependable GPS fleet tracking system. Optimal GPS tracking systems work hand-in-hand with fleet management systems, allowing roadside assistance businesses to cut operating costs and maximize productivity while providing excellent service to their customers.

This is a tall order, and Rhino Fleet Tracking has solutions specifically for roadside assistance providers. Whether you use Agero, ServiceMax, Quest, or any other management software, we have the customized GPS fleet tracking integration you require. We also have the engineering and programming capability to customize the perfect solution for your unique business model.

For instance, when Auto Rescue of Lewisville, Texas struggled with GPS tracking problems like inaccurate locations, dropped locations, and loss of signal (all issues that can lead to delayed response times), they turned to Rhino Fleet Tracking for assistance.

After partnering with Rhino Fleet Tracking on a custom GPS fleet tracking system integration, Auto Rescue of Lewisville found that their response times were significantly reduced and service vehicle performance improved dramatically, resulting in an immediate increase in cost savings and customer satisfaction.

If your roadside assistance business depends on accuracy and dependability, Rhino Fleet Tracking has a custom GPS tracking solution for you. When customers are relying on your teams, you can rely on Rhino Fleet Tracking.