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Industries Using GPS Fleet Tracking

Industries + Fleet Tracking

How is your industry using GPS tracking to manage fleets of all sizes?

Service, landscaping, construction, healthcare and more – no matter the industry, businesses and organizations are more than ever realizing the benefits to tracking their fleet of vehicles and equipment. They are also choosing leading technology like Rhino Fleet Tracking’s enterprise fleet management solution to fit their needs. And below is how they are benefiting from vehicle and asset tracking.

Industries Using GPS Fleet Tracking

Click on an industry to learn more about their GPS Tracking usage.

  • gps tracking farm trucks and equipment

    Agriculture & Farm

    Perfect for harvest, GPS tracking devices allow production managers to track harvest at all times, while protecting pricey equipment from risk of theft. Farming equipment…

  • gps fleet tracker on roadside assistance

    Auto Services & Sales

    Towing companies can quickly find drivers in the closest location to dispatch to a call. Towing businesses also use GPS Fleet tracking to monitor their…

  • Construction

    Equipment trackers ensure pricey construction equipment can be recovered if stolen from the job site. Whether it’s your own equipment or you’re a rental company…

  • gps tracking utility vehicles

    Electrical & Utilities

    With GPS fleet tracking, utility service providers have the location insight to keep their technicians organized and dispatch workers in the most time-effective fashion. The…

  • fleet tracking healthcare vehicles


    From managing emergency service vehicles, to monitoring home health care personnel, GPS fleet trackers are ideal for the healthcare industry. In an emergency situation, timing…

  • gps tracking hvac technicians

    HVAC Heating & Cooling

    Dispatch drivers to urgent service calls or use standard GPS tracking features to manage labor costs and productivity. HVAC Heating & Cooling companies also use…

  • gps tracking on rental equipment

    Landscaping & Lawn Care

    With GPS tracking lawn care crews and equipment: Labor costs reduced, productivity increased and equipment recovered if stolen.

  • gps tracker for plumbing vehicles

    Plumbing & Pool Services

    Often used for dispatching emergency plumbing calls to the closest tech or managing crew’s location. Our plumbing customers utilize their GPS Fleet Tracking services in…

  • gps trackers with security alarm techs


    Security alarm companies use GPS Tracking devices to manage their mobile workforce, but to also sell as an added product to their portfolio. Often used…

  • gps tracking on service vehicle


    One of the most common industries for GPS Fleet Tracking services, the service industry prides itself on topnotch customer service & response time. Whatever your…

  • gps fleet tracking shipping transportation

    Shipping & Transportation

    Shipping companies better service their clients by tracking the exact location of shipments and deliveries. We have several customers who use 3rd party shippers to…

  • gps fleet tracking for truckers


    From standard GPS fleet tracking to AOBRD and ELD solutions, trucking companies depend on Rhino Fleet Tracking. When it comes to safety, knowing what a…

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