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Agriculture & Farm

gps tracking farm trucks and equipmentPerfect for harvest, GPS tracking devices allow production managers to track harvest at all times, while protecting pricey equipment from risk of theft. Farming equipment is a significant investment for companies in the agriculture industry. With GPS technology you can minimize unnecessary wear and tear on this expensive equipment to prolong its operational life. Fleet tracking systems will allow you to locate your farming equipment anywhere, at any time of day.

Fleet tracking can also help to organize your land and crops, ensuring that each area is getting the specific attention it requires. GPS fleet management systems can be programmed to arrange your land based on a system of geofences and landmarks. Geofences are geographical boundaries established around certain plots of land. When geofences or landmarks are inappropriately crossed, fleet managers will be immediately notified. This helps to establish the areas that need fertilizing, harvesting, crop dusting, and so on, to ensure that each plot of land is receiving the appropriate cultivation. In turn, this will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your machinery, the needless delivery of expensive cultivation procedures, and damage to certain plots of land.


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