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Most Common Objections to GPS Fleet Tracking

Most Common Objections to GPS Fleet Tracking
April 21, 2017 Fleet Tracking Editor

fleet tracking objections


  1. My Employees Will Say I Don’t Trust Them

We would ask, “Do you trust your employees?” Ronald Reagan is famously quoted saying, “Trust, but verify.” Whether it is your own children or your employees, you must verify what they are doing.  Why do our children bring home report cards?  Is it because the teachers want to brag on them?  Of course not! Many decades ago, we learned that humans need accountability.

I get that you want your work environment to be a family.  You want everyone to get along.  But, (you already know this) employees, and children for that matter, will take advantage of situations where there is no supervision.  Why do you think there are so many movies with plots where the parents leave town and the teenager throws a party???  You know you must supervise employees.  GPS tracking is simply a mechanism to ensure employees arrive and leave job sites when they say they did and traveled in a manner that is safe for the employee and the public.

  1. Fleet Tracking is Too Hard to Use

Have you used Google Maps?  Yes!  Well, then you are just about trained!  GPS tracking might have been tough in the past, but there is little as easy as tracking your fleet today.  You can access your fleet tracking information on any major web browser from any computer connected to the Internet anywhere in the world.  You can also access your fleet tracking data via an iPhone or Android app – anywhere in the world.  So, as a fleet manager or owner, you can rest assured that the supervision of employees can take place without your constant and immediate attention.

  1. I’m Not Always at My Computer

That’s great!  Go play golf or paint or bike or whatever it is you need to do (you can work too if you must).  Most GPS tracking applications maintain data 30-90 days.  Rhino Fleet Tracking maintains 365 days of history.  So, you can wait a few days or even a few months to verify what happened.  Most fleet managers will review GPS tracking data the next day.

We’ve seen customers who compare timesheets and even limousine fare sheets against the GPS tracking data to verify that everything is correct.

  1. GPS Tracking is Expensive

You might take a look at the cost comparison to labor savings in the article about GPS tracking for a plumbing company as an example.  With devices under $40 and monthly service as low as $16.95 per month, there is little likelihood that the savings achieved by GPS tracking do not give you are return on your investment in 45 days or less and the benefits ongoing will greatly outweigh your monthly costs.

  1. I Will Lose Good Employees

This is a very interesting objection.  A truth that we’ve observed is often quoted by our CEO, “I’ve been doing this since 2007 and have NEVER heard of a company losing a GOOD employee because they started GPS for their fleet.”

Instead, the most common feedback we receive is that the company was able to, at no additional cost to the company (think unemployment taxes), remove BAD employees.  Usually, these leave on their own as they see that they can no longer take advantage of a lax supervisory situation.


You might have some other reasons to avoid GPS tracking of your fleet.  Chances are we’ve heard them and can give you an honest answer.

Give it a try.  Worst case, assuming you don’t sign a 3-year contract (which, by the way, we don’t have), you stop using the system early and your outlay of capital is minimal.

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