License plates

One morning a customer of Rhino Fleet Tracking went out into his truck yard and noticed that his truck was no longer where he had parked it.

In a panic he called his started calling his workers to see who had that truck out today, but none of them were using it.  It turns out the truck had been stolen!

He immediately logged into his Rhino Fleet Tracking portal and began to check the location of his vehicle.

The tracking showed it had located in a few spots after it left the yard; stopping at a church for an extended amount of time and also some garage that he was unfamiliar with. The vehicle was now parked about 45 minutes away from the yard.

The business owner then called the police and told them his story, ready to recover his vehicle. He provided a license plate number and other information required to get his vehicle back.

A few hours later and the vehicle hadn’t moved again, they approached the location and the business owner quickly spotted his truck in the middle of lots of other cars.  He was certain it was his, but the license plates were different, so the police officers inspected the vehicle a little more closely.

The thief had not only stolen the truck, and swapped out the license plates, but left the old plates in plain sight in the cab of the vehicle!

With the plates swapped he might never have found the truck if it wasn’t for Rhino Fleet Tracking!

Our customer is now happier than ever with fleet tracking and happy to have his truck back in his possession.

If you’re not currently using fleet tracking, call Rhino Fleet Tracking today at 1-800-293-0420.

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