As a company, one of the most frequent concerns we hear from small business owners is, “How can my business benefit from fleet tracking? I only have two trucks, I don’t have a fleet!” In reality, a “fleet” is just a number of vehicles operating together or under the same ownership; one is a number!

Small Fleet Size

There are many ways that a business with one or two vehicles under their management can benefit from GPS vehicle tracking. In fact, there are ways that a business with as few as one vehicle that is driven by the business’s owner and only employee can still benefit from “fleet” tracking.

Theft Recovery

This one is a no-brainer. No matter who you are or what you do, there will be times that you are going to have to leave your vehicle unattended. Of course, you have insurance to protect you if your car, truck or van gets stolen, but there is a large cost for getting a replacement through insurance, even if that cost isn’t directly money out of your pocket.

The costs associated with insurance are numerous. First, you have lost income from the days (or weeks, or months!) it takes to process your claim and get you into a new vehicle. Second, there is the cost of any tools and equipment that were in the vehicle, some of which may not be fully covered or may be hard to replace. Third, there’s the out-of-pocket cost you may have to incur if you decide to (or are forced to) upgrade to a newer model vehicle to replace the stolen one. Finally, there’s the potential increase in your insurance premiums because the insurer now sees you and your business as a higher risk.

If you have a GPS tracking device with fleet tracking software on your vehicle, you have the ability to tell authorities exactly where your vehicle was last before it went missing, and likely even tell them where it is currently. Not only can you recover your vehicle and some or all of the items inside of it, but you may also assist the police in apprehending the perpetrators and protecting other businesses from the same fate.

(Don’t forget to let your insurance provider know when you purchase your trackers as you may be entitled to reduced premiums as well!)

Maintenance Scheduling

As a small business owner, there are a thousand things on your plate that you must deal with every day. This makes it extremely difficult to keep up with items that only occur every three or six months, such as oil changes, tire rotations, emissions tests and vehicle registrations.

With fleet tracking software, you can enter your information about those items into the system and you will be notified as soon as those service dates come up. Not only that, but every time you login, you will see which services are upcoming and which are overdue, making it easy to keep up with (and harder to keep putting off for later!).

Mileage Tracking

Tracking your mileage is a necessity for small business owners because you need to be able to write off every mile you can when tax season rolls around. While there are plenty of apps that provide the same service, none of them are as reliable as a GPS tracking device in your vehicle.

It’s far too easy to forget to open the app on a trip, or let your phone die, or leave your phone somewhere. With our fleet tracking system, your tracker is always on and always in your vehicle; there’s nothing you need to remember to do in order to track accurately every time.

These are just a few of the benefits you will uncover with GPS tracking for your small business. As you grow, you will want to add trackers to all of your vehicles and expensive equipment because the value and peace of mind are immeasurable.

Stop putting off until tomorrow what can benefit you even today. Get your free demo and see how GPS fleet management with Rhino Fleet Tracking can make your life easier!