Car in Garage

A luxury car rental company uses our GPS fleet tracking to ensure that no one keeps their vehicles longer than they are supposed to, and to protect their hundred-thousand-dollar assets from people who are not trustworthy.

Installing a tracker may seem unnecessary.  After all, there are people all over the world renting cars every day and nothing ever happens to those vehicles. Anyways, better safe than sorry is always our approach.

At Rhino Fleet Tracking, most of our customers pick between two standard devices, the OBD or the hard-wired, under the dash, tracker. This customer used the hard-wired to ensure that no one simply unplugged the device when they rented a vehicle from him.

When the time came for the rented Maserati to make its way back to the business owner, the renter decided not to return the vehicle and sent the business owner on a game of cat and mouse instead. Thankfully he had installed a vehicle tracker!

After navigating our software to find the last locate for his vehicle, the business owner called Rhino and told us his tracker did not seem to be working anymore.

It had not reported in for hours and the owner needed to know its location right away.

We wasted no time and immediately got to work trying to establish a connection with the device just to find that the renter had disabled wire connected to the vehicle’s ignition. Without that wire connected, the device did not update the location when the vehicle was turned on.

No worries, the device also connects to the vehicle’s battery meaning we could still locate the vehicle.

The next locate we sent to the device told the business owner that the vehicle was

still in the area. Tech Support guaranteed him location accuracy so the owner went to the spot, but unfortunately couldn’t find the vehicle anywhere.

He couldn’t see his vehicle, but knew it was around so he pressed the alarm button and heard the car sounding off behind closed garage doors.

The owner contacted the police and was able to reclaim his vehicle right then and there. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

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