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Many of our customers seek out fleet tracking because they suspect an employee or multiple employees are doing something improper when they’re on the clock. You may have your suspicions as well, but you never want to approach an employee without evidence of wrongdoing. That’s where GPS fleet tracking comes in. Let’s take a look at the process a company, right down the road from us, took that led to their suspicions being confirmed.

The first thing our client did when they suspected an employee was misusing their time on the job – once they’d started tracking, of course – is review the employee’s stop times using our Stops report. This let them see the addresses that the employee stopped at, as well as the length of time the employee spent at those stops. When they set up landmarks, those landmarks show up in place of the address, so they knew when the employee visited “The Office” or “Employee’s House” or “Client’s House,” etc.

Next, they looked over the stops to see if there are any addresses visited frequently that weren’t already marked as landmarks. It’s important to note that these aren’t necessarily improper, as the employee may have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend that they stay with regularly, visit their parents frequently, etc. Still, these may still be trips you’d prefer they make using their own vehicle and not the company truck.

Once the frequent stops were identified, the company did a little research into what those locations were. Suddenly, things started to get much more interesting. Their employee had been visiting one particular house on a very regular basis, and that house had less than a stellar reputation: it was a well-known drug house.

Example GPS geofence

Enter The Geofence

Wanting to be sure that they dotted their “i”s and crossed their “t”s before approaching (and firing) the employee, the company created a geofence around the house. A geofence is a custom shape that can be easily setup within the app that surrounds a location on the map. They then set an alert to notify them any time that employee entered or exited that geofence so they would know exactly when the employee visited the location.

Shortly thereafter, with evidence to support their action, the company was able to fire the employee and rid themselves of a bad actor while being legally protected from wrongful termination claims.

No one has the time to constantly monitor every employee’s whereabouts. Geofence and landmark alerts can be the next best thing, helping you protect your business from employees that are violating your trust and misusing your company’s vehicles.