GPS Tracking Benefits Graph

Running a fleet of vehicles comes with its costs. This could be anything from fuel consumption, maintenance, after hours driving, vehicular theft and other costly factors.

Fortunately, GPS tracking devices come with benefits that you can use to save your business money. We’ve compiled a short list on how you can use GPS tracking devices to save money on your fleet business.

1. Drive the Speed Limit to Reduce Fuel Costs

Some drivers drive too fast, and while that seems like a (dangerous) way to save time it doesn’t reduce gas consumption. One of the benefits of GPS tracking is that you can monitor your employees, and make sure they are going the recommended speeds of below 65mph on highways and below 45mph on other roads.

GPS tracking devices are capable of updating you on your fleet’s location in real-time. By maintaining proper speeds, you can save on fuel consumption and maintenance.

2. Implement Incentives for Your Employees

So you can use GPS Tracking devices to monitor your employees while they’re driving, and the device can let you know if they are wasting gas by driving too fast; however, GPS tracking could provide benefits for both you and your employees.

For example, you could set up incentives for your employees by setting up a bonus program based on cost-savings. By using GPS tracking devices, both you and your employees can reap the benefits—you can save money on gas and your employee could enjoy a bonus.

3. Prevent Your Equipment from Being Stolen

You’ve invested a lot of money in your fleet, and it would be devastating if someone were to steal your fleet. Luckily, GPS tracking devices come with the extra benefits of providing the security you need. With the live updates, GPS tracking devices can not only find your equipment but it can even catch the criminals in the act.

4. Provide Your Drivers With Immediate Response

If your driver becomes lost, driving the speed limit won’t save you on time and money. We already use the most common benefits of GPS tracking to help us get from A to B, and you can use the GPS tracking device to keep your drivers on schedule and happy–not to mention you get to enjoy a nice boost in business productivity.

5. Use Geo Fencing Alerts to Boost Productivity

You can use geo-fencing to send you alerts. This can be used to prevent moonlighting, driving after hours, and unwanted stops. By setting up geo-fencing, you can boost productivity, save money on fuel and maintenance, and limit your liability.