Rhino Fleet Tracking is a leading fleet tracking and management solution in the telematics industry and is looking for people who want to sell our products!

This offer awards businesses the opportunity to become dealers for products and equipment and reap the profits themselves. BONUS: There’s awesome margins.

Picture for Dealer

If you’re already a dealer for another product this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

3 reasons you should get started as a Rhino Dealer:

  1. Great margins on equipment sales
  2. Full, 100% keep on installation revenue
  3. Ongoing monthly residual income from commission on service fees

Yes. That means that every month the people you sign up continue to use fleet tracking, we’ll continue to pay you a portion of that service cost. The more customers you are able to attract simply amplifies your return.

How to get started:

Call in to Rhino Fleet Tracking at 1-800-293-0420 or fill out this form and we’ll contact you.

Learn about the products and see if it’s an opportunity that works for your business.

We subsidize the equipment cost so you can grow your business faster.

Receive the tactical software training and receive demo equipment

Pay a $595 deposit (can be applied to equipment purchases) to get started.

You can request more information about being a dealer and the returns from our National Account Managers and service professionals.

It’s that easy. Sign up to be a dealer today.