Order TrackingWith the way shopping has transitioned in 2018, into 2019, and now 2020… one would probably expect eCommerce to have a large percentage of the overall shopping sales.

What % do you think eCommerce holds for total shopping revenue?

Less than 15% according to Forbes. But we all know that trend is changing.

With more and more people using online shopping each year, the expectation that your company needs to deliver a good online experience is more apparent than ever.

So, where does fleet tracking come to mind? How does it help with the growing eCommerce demand?

Using Fleet Tracking to Deliver eCommerce Goods

Although fleet tracking won’t necessarily help you improve your online user experience, using a GPS fleet tracking system can greatly improve how your business delivers the goods and services that people purchase from you.

We’ve previously written about improving delivery times using fleet tracking, and this can’t be taken for granted. When someone schedules service, or purchases from your company, they want the product immediately. You can thank Amazon for that.

Any delays will leave the customer a bad experience and possibly leave a bad taste in their mouth. Fleet Tracking eliminates the grey area and delivery time is always up-to-date.

Transportation management and route optimization are essential to delivering your customers the experience they want and will keep them coming back.

After mastering the logistics of the online supply chain, making sure your product is in the right drivers’ hands will aid in improving your overall experience.

What does this mean?

By route planning you can effectively eliminate any time that is wasted going from one destination to the next and any thereafter. More than just finding the right streets to take, route optimization is allowing your GPS monitoring system to find the closest next destination and continue delivery without any wasted mileage.

How Fleet Tracking Improves Customer Service

Before implementing a vehicle tracking system, many do not consider the positive impact the service will have on the customer experience.

Your company might deliver quickly right now, but when using a fleet tracking system, you can provide your customer with live location updates at any time.

Reducing the need for customer service calls, this is simply telling your customers, “Here. Look at where your product is. It’s on the way.” Being anxious about your online order is natural, you purchased something from the internet and you don’t know what to expect.

Well, with Rhino Fleet Tracking your customers will know what to expect. You will provide them with the best service they could ask for. So what’s the wait? Get a fleet tracking quote today!