Money In the Gas tank

Often in business, and in life, you work towards resolving an issue only to realize the actual problem was something else entirely.  This is certainly the case with a client of ours who initially purchased our tracking system to monitor basic driver behaviors and their fuel usage.

This client’s fleet of vehicles delivers auto parts to mechanics’ shops and dealerships as well as taking payment for the items.  The user mentioned during their Orientation (Haven’t had an orientation? Schedule one here) that their drivers seemed to be requesting reimbursement for more fuel than usual.

Fuel prices hadn’t gone up enough to justify the amount being reimbursed.  The drivers weren’t driving longer routes than normal, so what could be the cause?

One useful feature Rhino Fleet Tracking offers is tracking of Idle Time.  This feature will show any time a vehicle is turned on but not moving, especially for long periods of time.

Our customer began to look at the amount of time vehicles were left idling to try and explain the uptick in fuel usage and instead found something even more concerning; his drivers were arriving to their stops and leaving the vehicles running as they went inside!

Not only were they wasting gas not turning the vehicle off, but they were leaving them unlocked, running with the keys, money, and inventory inside.  You would think they were inviting someone to steal the vehicles!

Armed with the information from Rhino Fleet Tracking he was able to confront his drivers about their behavior and retrain them on proper procedure. He now has the peace of mind knowing his drivers are properly securing their vehicles AND he is saving hundreds, maybe thousands, on those fuel reimbursements.

Could something like this be happening right under your nose too? Get out of the dark. Give Rhino Fleet Tracking a call at 800-293-0420 today!

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