Everyone loves their vehicle until the one day it suddenly has a breakdown and it causes them to miss an appointment. Many of us have been there before. It’s irritating, embarrassing, and often preventable.

Letting your vehicles breakdown is costing your company time and money that you don’t need to waste.

Vehicle Breakdown

There are countless reasons why a vehicle might breakdown on you, but tires lead to more than 50% of all the breakdowns each year, according to this research.

So how can we prevent breakdowns from happening if we don’t know they’re coming? Keep reading, we get into it below.


Surprisingly, the same research showed that 85% of breakdowns caused by tire failure were due to prior air leaks and negligence.

That means that 85% of tire failure is preventable by addressing the issue immediately. Something that will save your business time and money, preventing further hassle.

Every vehicle has a tire pressure gauge, don’t ignore it.


Another leading cause of breakdowns is battery failure. In most situations a dead battery means you’re not going anyway, so why risk being stuck somewhere or missing that appointment to get more business?

During regular oil changes, tire rotations and any other service you’re doing, ask for a free battery check to ensure your battery is still functioning effectively. It’s free and easy and will prevent further trouble.

System Failure

System failure, engine trouble, and general car trouble is a little bit harder to predict what’s wrong, but you don’t have to be in the dark. Using a vehicle tracking system is an effective way to diagnose what’s going on even before you go to a mechanic.

Fleet Tracking as Preventive Maintenance

A good GPS Fleet Tracking software will allow you to understand your vehicle beyond the live location tracking. When using an OBDII Device for tracking, anytime your vehicle has trouble you can pull the diagnostic codes and view them in the fleet tracking dashboard.

Even when your vehicle isn’t haven’t trouble and you want to protect from any possible failures, you can use fleet tracking for that.

Rhino’s platform allows users to view and schedule upcoming services for each of their vehicles. See past and future maintenance as you continue to keep your vehicles healthy.

The best part? We’ve broken down how to maximize preventive maintenance here.

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