Fleet tracking savings

Savings for Smaller Fleets

We often receive calls from people who are concerned their fleet doesn’t qualify for fleet tracking because they only have one or two vehicles. That is absolutely not true! We can accommodate your fleet whether you have one vehicle or if you have 1,000, and everything in between. With our in-house development team, we are able to work with your business to provide solutions tailored just for you – and we work with you as you expand or downsize your business.

Another common misconception is that fleet tracking only saves money when you have a large number of vehicles and the effect for smaller fleets is not worth it. Fleet Tracking helps you cut costs on a per-vehicle basis, which when utilized properly, can help you save nearly $5,000 every year per vehicle. Here’s how:

Employee Productivity

Better manage the productivity of your employees in several ways including their timesheets, their route planning, and holding them accountable. If your employee is spending 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each day not working but adding it to their timesheet, at $30/hr you’re paying them nearly $350 extra per month. In this case, utilizing fleet tracking to reduce the risk of padded timesheets can save you $4,000 per year – and that’s just the start.

You can increase their productivity with route planning to save time or use dispatching to help drivers get to emergency calls quicker. Have two vehicles? Monitor which driver is the closest and can provide the quickest solution; eliminate any delays and have your customers happier than ever!

Your employees will know they can’t sneak anything by you, and you’ll notice they’re more productive than ever. It also gives you incentive to reward your top performers and find areas to improve.

Mileage Tracking

Use a fuel card? We integrate our software with WEX/ExxonMobil fuel cards!

Mileage tracking is a big one, because it helps maintain vehicle health and lets you see how your driver is doing either compared to other or compared to themselves week by week.

Consider things like fuel costs to be a telling factor. Say you have 3 drivers all running similar routes and at the end of the week fuel costs are $100, $100, and $350. Once you cross reference your driver log and their miles driven aren’t any greater than other, you’ll immediately want to tackle this issue. What’s going on here? Fleet Tracking helps you manage your vehicle use to nail down even the smallest areas of savings.

Manage Idle Time

Managing idle time is an avenue for huge savings and more business. On one side you keep your drivers from sitting and waiting precious time while they’re on the clock; you notice they’ve been at a stand-still for 20 minutes? They can’t hide it from you. On the other hand, as the idle time decreases and they are able to do 6 jobs in 6 hours instead of 8 hours, you have two extra hours for more business. This increases the bottom line for you business – something you’ll notice in the first month of getting Fleet Tracking!

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