Dude, Where's My Car?

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Here’s a wild story we heard from a customer that doesn’t mind us sharing with you.

Recently, a customer had a vehicle stolen in broad daylight while one of his employees went into an office building for a meeting. Upon returning to his parking spot, the employee discovered his car was no longer where he parked it.

Thankfully, he had a GPS tracking device in his car and quickly called his boss to explain what happened with the company vehicle.

They contacted us and we were eager to help! Upon checking his account, we were able to see where the car had traveled to and were able to provide an address to the client.

We dug a little deeper… The car wasn’t stolen at all. The employee had parked in a spot where he wasn’t allowed to and the car had gotten TOWED!

So, we couldn’t help with the costs of towing, but he was extremely pleased to know that his vehicle was perfectly fine and immediately retrievable.

You can’t predict how careless people will be with your assets, the best you can do is protect them from the unpredictable.

Cover your ass-ets! Could you imagine being this business owner without a friendly tech staff ready to help?

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