OBD Plug-in GPS Tracking DeviceThe OBD II Plug-In GPS tracker is the easiest tracking device to use to get started with fleet tracking for your business. Often referred to as the plug-n-play device, getting started with and OBDII devices takes seconds to install.

The tracking device plugs into the diagnostic port found in most light- and medium-duty vehicles produced in the United States since 1996. You receive it already configured, so once it’s in the port and has power it’s ready to track your vehicle.

The ease of installation has led the OBDII to be a very popular device for Rhino


Benefits of using an OBDII For Vehicle Tracking

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

This tracker can read diagnostic codes and let you know what’s going on with your vehicle. The same technology a mechanic would use.

  • Live Location Tracking

Always know exactly where your vehicle is during the day and at night.

  • 365 Days History

Data from this device is stored for 365 days in your dashboard so you can easily view driver behavior over time.

  • Small and Capable

Great for telling your team you’re tracking them, and they’ll know where it is

  • Easy Installation

Plug in and go, no mechanic necessary

  • Theft Recovery

If your vehicle is ever stolen, you’ll have this GPS Tracking device installed to get it back