Now You Can Have the Right Location Insight

The utilities industry is what keeps facilities across the country running at optimal capacity and efficiency. For this reason, having employees organized is especially critical for delivering timely and efficient service in the utilities industry. Utility service providers must be prepared to deal not only with scheduled appointments, but also unexpected emergency service calls. With GPS fleet tracking, utility service providers have the location insight to keep their technicians organized and dispatch workers in the most time-effective fashion.

Fuel costs is one of the most significant budget items for businesses within the utilities industry today. Fortunately, with GPS fleet tracking, utility fleet managers have the ability to monitor routes and locations of their technicians. This allows managers to dispatch the closest technicians to emergency call locations. Fleet managers also have the ability to develop the most efficient routes for their drivers to take and ensure these routes are being used. Fleet tracking holds drivers accountable for wherever they take their company vehicle. This knowledge will cut back on unauthorized usage of company vehicles. All of these efforts help to cut back on unnecessary mileage, which saves on fuel costs and wear and tear on company vehicles. Utility fleets which begin to incorporate GPS fleet tracking, experience a significant return on investment simply with the reduction in fuel costs. Some companies have recorded a reduction by as much as 36,000 miles in unnecessary fleet travel and $12,000 in fuel costs within the first year.

A great deal of pressure is put on the utilities industry in times of widespread emergencies or power outages. In these events, it becomes even more important to be able to move your technicians quickly from one site to another. Fleet tracking allows you to identify trouble spots, in terms of traffic, dangerous weather, and other hazardous conditions, and to dispatch technicians accordingly. When the demand for utility service is high, you can count on fleet tracking to give your fleet managers the ability to effectively organize and direct your technicians. This will allow you to deliver your quality services to the maximum amount of people in optimal time.

Utility service providers do not only experience the benefits of GPS tracking in emergency situations, but also in everyday routines. With 24/7 real-time location data, fleet managers have the ability to deliver accurate arrival time estimates to clients. Customers will appreciate a narrower estimated arrival window, as well as faster emergency service. Faster responses will demonstrate an understanding of the urgency of clients’ utility maintenance and emergency service needs and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With the combination of fuel savings and the excess business, generated by a reputation of excellence in customer service, you will notice the benefits of utilizing fleet tracking technology.

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