Halloween GhostDo you ever go to look for something and it is in a slightly different place than you remember putting it? Like your keys are on the hook by the door instead of on the table where you left them?

That’s where this story started.

A recent Rhino customer noticed on specific nights his keys would neatly organize themselves. Then he realized there was a much bigger problem.

He called us for help monitoring his vehicles because he thought something strange was going on.  In the evening he would see them parked in a particular order, but each morning they were slightly different.

The phantom shuffling was giving this business owner the heebie-jeebies.

The weirdest thing was that it wasn’t the same vehicle being moved each time. He thought he was going crazy and needed some peace of mind.

With his new vehicle trackers, he was able to discover EXACTLY what was going on.

Each evening, an hour or so after closing time he got afterhours alerts on two vehicles, indicating they were leaving the yard. Trying not to panic, he watched the vehicles move, stopping at seemingly random locations then being dropped off back at the yard just after sunset.

What a nightmare! Someone used his vehicles and brought them back, sneaking right under his nose.

He then spent the next few nights watching.  Each night they were using different vehicles, but it was always the vehicles assigned to the same two employees for whichever day.

He confronted the drivers, who admitted they used the vehicles after work to handle some jobs on the side.

We’re not quite ghostbusters, but we’ll solve your mystery. Call Rhino Fleet Tracking at 1-800-293-0420 today.

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