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It’s known that fleet tracking makes life easier for fleet managers and business owners who are looking to improve their operations. It may surprise you fleet tracking makes life easy for drivers! Drivers love tracking!

Every day your drivers confront thousands of other cars on the roads and seemingly dozens of obstacles trying to keep them from hitting their marks.

Things like hazardous / closed-off roads, weather, and random delays are unpredictable. Your driver already on the road needs a solution to get from one destination to the other without impediment.

Driving from point A to B and to any other points throughout the day means there are a myriad of minute decisions that your drivers make unassisted and on-the-fly. Fleet tracking makes these decisions easier.

Although initial thoughts said fleet tracking would be met with resistance, that just isn’t true. Here are some of the reasons why drivers actually LOVE using a GPS fleet tracking system.

Route Planning

When your drivers are already out on the road looking to go from one destination to the next, you don’t want any delays. Even if it’s something as common as traffic, let’s avoid it.

Using a fleet monitoring system means your driver plans their next route according to the any obstacles in the road. Need to avoid a busy highway? Use the fleet tracking software to avoid that extra 10-minute delay but keep the mileage low for the trip.

The fleet tracking service helps you get to your next point as quickly as possible while avoiding any obstacles on your path. Your drivers will never need to guess again!

And on the business side, the route planning saves your vehicles on fuel, wear and tear, and general maintenance costs.

Reporting and Timesheets

What was once a manual task is now all digital, and available with the click of a few buttons.

Instead of logging the hours drivers were at a location, getting GPS tracking for fleets allows the driver to focus on the service your business provides. It will also free their time to deliver that service to even more customers – eventually bettering your bottom line.

At the end of each day, or each week, you can run daily time and mileage reports to see where drivers have gone and how much time they spent at each for timesheets.

See something funny on the time report? Easily ask your driver about it and set up alerts so it doesn’t happen again (or at least you’ll be aware if it does).


Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your drivers are being safe and are protected while on the road. Safety doesn’t have to be expensive or a huge ordeal, with fleet tracking you can avoid these two things.

Using a GPS fleet tracking solution means you can protect your drivers and your business from poor driving habits and poor conditions.

Many fleet customers begin tracking for the following available driver alerts/features:

  • Excessive Speeding
  • Harsh Braking
  • Hours of Operation
  • Fuel Fraud

Keeping drivers from themselves can often be the best thing for them. Staying in compliance with driving laws is important and cannot be overlooked nor overstated.

While this could be a situation where some drivers are unhappy, this is an opportunity to coach them into better behavior and in doing so. Valuing safety creates a better environment for them to thrive as business improves.

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