Earlier this week, this video went viral showing a piece of art by the infamous street artist Banksy being sold at auction for $1.4 million only to be shredded immediately after being sold by a shredder secretly built into the frame. As crazy as this seems, millions of business owners are watching their revenues be shredded in much the same way by careless and unproductive employees.

As a business owner or fleet manager, setting and reviewing work schedules is one of your most important jobs. When an employee is on the clock but not working, it not only costs you salary/wages that are unearned, but also can cost you revenue lost from jobs uncompleted and can even cost you customers if your employee doesn’t arrive on time (or at all!).

GPS fleet tracking allows you to monitor your work vehicles to ensure that they are where they say they are at the times they’re supposed to be there. In addition to preventing employees from misrepresenting their time on the job, this information can assist you in reporting time worked to clients, reporting vehicle mileage and usage to the IRS, and measuring your business’s overall efficiency on a job-by-job basis.

It may seem innocent enough, just 15 minutes here or 15 minutes there, but when an employee submits an inaccurate time sheet, the cost can quickly add up. We did the math, and with just 15 minutes added at the start and end of each day, your business could be shredding money at a rate of up to $550 per month! Certainly puts the low cost of vehicle tracking (as low as $16.95 per vehicle) in perspective.

Tracking can also save you hundreds of dollars each year in fuel and maintenance costs. Many employees take their work truck to lunch, and if not monitored, may choose to eat lunch in their truck with the engine running and the A/C or heater going. This idle time – which can be tracked by our software – uses up fuel and adds unnecessary wear to the vehicle’s engine.

Stop Shredding Money

Choosing not to track your company vehicles is like shredding money. GPS trackers and fleet tracking software is inexpensive and can save your business hundreds, even thousands, each month. Tracking can make your weakest employees stronger, and help you identify employees that are acting against the best interests of your business. The money you save and additional revenue you earn when you have productive employees can help you expand your customer base, hire additional employees, and grow your business.

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