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Fleet Tracking Costs | No Contract

GPS Fleet Tracking Pricing | No Contract!

Fleet Tracking Device: $39.95

Monthly Service: $16.95* per device

Activation: $20

Contract:  NONE. Who likes contracts? We’re not a fan.


* this price is for 3 or more devices

What Kind of Fleet Tracking Am I Getting For $16.95 a Month?

Rhino Fleet Tracking began in 2007 providing fleet owners and managers an easy-to-use, yet fully featured GPS tracking solution for their businesses.  Though competitors have gotten better, no GPS tracking solution is as easy to use as Rhino.  We use Google Maps®, which you already use throughout your daily life, and keep everything else very simple.

The top features include:

  • Real Time Location Information
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Breadcrumb Trails to show where your vehicles have traveled
  • Stop data – where did my drivers stop for jobs or breaks and how long…
  • Alerts!  Speeding, Geofence, After-Hours Usage, and More…
  • Reports – 15 standard with more available
  • Nearest Vehicle Information and Turn-By-Turn Directions
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracking
  • Satellite and Street views
  • So much more!

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Every Fleet Is Different

Why can’t you order from our website?  Simply, every fleet is a little different.  When you speak with a Rhino Fleet Tracking sales representative, they will listen to your business needs to find the right GPS tracking device or devices for your fleet and match that with the perfect plan.

After Your Purchase

At Rhino Fleet Tracking, online training is free and we are always available to help when you have a question. Part of our standard package is an orientation where one of our experts will walk you through setting up your account and making sure all of your questions are answered.  That session is at your direction.  If you want it to be quick and “just the fact”, it can be.  If you want to know everything about everything, we’ll do that too.

When Can I Get My GPS Tracking Device?

For most vehicle tracking applications, we can ship within a day or two.  Why don’t we promise same day shipping?  Because, we custom configure each device to the needs of our customers.  Then, we test every GPS tracking device in our facility to make certain it is performing as expected before we send it to you.  That takes us some extra time, but it is worth it to make certain, when you start tracking your fleet, that your experience is as flawless as possible.

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