Fact vs Fiction

Facts vs. Fiction Tracking Your Fleet

Fiction: Tracking my company trucks is spying on my employees

Fact: Fleet Tracking just lets you know when your employees arrive and leave locations – just like at the office

Fiction: I will lose my experienced employees if I tell them we are tracking out vehicles

Fact: Good employees welcome tracking. They’ve wanted you to do something about the slackers for years

Fiction: I can’t afford to put vehicle tracking on my fleet

Fact: Vehicle tracking from Rhino Fleet Tracking is < $.57 per day. With tracking, fleets save > 20% in labor in most cases

Fiction: I will have to sign up for a 3-year contract and pay a penalty if I have to suspend tracking

Fact: RFT provides plans for a very low upfront cost while still allowing you to avoid a contract

Fiction: It will take too much time to manage a fleet tracking system

Fact: It only takes a few minutes a week to monitor your fleet. You can setup alerts and never even log in if you want