GPS fleet tracking system info

Productivity Tips Via Fleet Tracking

The Rhino Fleet Tracking system allows users to quickly find ways to make their fleets more productive.  Whether you use GPS landmarks or speed reports or the built in Service (Preventative Maintenance) module, the RFT fleet tracking system allows you to maximize your productivity and reduce labor costs.  With just a few minutes each week, fleet managers can find opportunities to change routes, coach employees, or make necessary changes to the overall operation to greatly impact the bottom line.

Our very first customer ever realized a $1,200 fuel savings monthly from just one vehicle when she announced to her team that GPS tracking was being installed on their vehicles.

In another case, a fleet manager was able to determine that his driver was going to the closest stop to make his first delivery even though that location wouldn’t be open for another 2 hours.  By simply rerouting the driver to the furthest location as the first stop, the fleet saved over $40 a day in labor costs.  GPS tracking for your fleet is not just a tool to keep your employees in line.  Rather, it is a necessary tool to manager your business.