Protect Your Company’s Assets with GPS Tracking

At Rhino Fleet Tracking, we understand how important your company’s assets and equipment are for the operation of your business. With GPS fleet tracking, you can monitor the location of your company’s mobile assets to keep them safe and secure.
Most fleet tracking systems include a Geofence, or a virtual perimeter that defines an authorized area on a map. When your company vehicles move beyond the boundary you have established, your fleet manager will receive an alert of potential theft or unauthorized vehicle use. With GPS tracking, you are able to identify the most efficient routes for your drivers to take. With 24/7 real-time, location insight will allow you to ensure these routes are being used. When your valuable company vehicles, company equipment, or clients’ equipment are being taken to unauthorized locations, GPS fleet tracking gives you the ability to locate and recover it. This ensures the safety of your assets and/or the assets that your clients have entrusted you with.

Hold Your Drivers Accountable

The ability to monitor the activity of your company vehicles will hold your drivers accountable for every mile they drive your vehicles. GPS insight allows you to optimize route planning and monitor route action. Fleet managers are able to identify the appropriate amount of time a drivers’ route should take and when a drivers’ time exceeds expectations. Having this knowledge among your employees will reduce unauthorized use of vehicles, such as personal business ventures and usage during non-business hours. Not only will this save your company money on overtime pay and fuel costs, but it will also prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your company’s vehicles.

Recognize Excessive Speeding or Idling

Fleet tracking systems also give fleet managers the ability to recognize excessive speeding or idling. Unnecessary speeding and idling is a waste of fuel and constitutes more wear and tear on your vehicles. With real-time GPS location insight, alerts can be sent directly to drivers to let them know if they have been idling too long and need to shut down their vehicle or when they need to slow down. Not only does speeding use more gas than driving responsibly, but it also puts your drivers, other drivers, your vehicles, and your company’s assets at risk. With the ability to identify dangerous and inefficient operation of your company vehicles, you will be able to dispatch notifications accordingly. This will preserve the life of company vehicles, protect company and customer assets, and keep the roads a safe place for other drivers. Don’t neglect the protection and preservation of your company’s property. You can harness the power of GPS fleet tracking to protect your business assets, your employees, and your hard-earned money.

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