Trusty Construction

Business Type: General Contractors
Number of vehicles: 120
GPS Devices: Asset, vehicle-integrated, and OBD vehicle

Trusty Construction purchased Rhino Fleet Tracking tracking systems in 2007 and is our oldest customer. Trusty Construction had lost control of their fleet and experienced vast loss of income from fuel usage, vehicle theft, and poor driver behaviors.


Early in 2008, Rhino Fleet Tracking alerted Trusty Construction that a fully loaded truck was headed to Mexico. Trusty Construction immediately contacted the local police department, provided the vehicle location and saved over $50,000. Within a month they received another alert of a stolen vehicle on the way to Mexico. Again, the vehicle was located by police and returned. Trusty Construction saved over $100,000 in a month’s time.

Trusty Construction took control of their fleet and they’ve saved over $200,000 with Rhino Fleet Tracking. How much can you save?


“GPS tracking has been very beneficial in helping us verify our employee time sheets and to let employees know that we’re watching and that we require honesty from them. The extra safety resulting from these measures has even helped Trusty Construction keep its insurance coverage.

The most dramatic vehicle recovery incident, however, involved an outright theft. We actually had a trailer stolen but fortunately we were able to track exactly where it was. We met the police at that location and recovered the trailer.

In another instance, we had a call from an employee who had just wrecked. We asked him where he was and he said, ‘The highway.’ We had OnStar on that truck but they wouldn’t reply to our call, so we called Rhino Fleet Tracking and they were able to help us figure out where the vehicle was.

Rhino Fleet Tracking really treats you like a human being — it’s very nice. I would heartily recommend Rhino Fleet Tracking to other companies.”

Debbie Gion
Trusty Construction