Rhino Fleet Tracking Features Emphasize Driver Safety and Boost Employee Productivity

New Feature Highlights

  • Driver Scorecard to rank your best/worst drivers

  • Automated reports deliver driver reports to supervisors on any schedule

  • New Service dashboard shows upcoming and overdue tickets in one place.

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Christine Jadico
Christine Jadico
Rhino's products are easy to install, easy to track and we have continually experienced awesome customer service. CJ and the rest of the Rhino Fleet Tracking team always exceed my expectations. Great product and staff! Highly recommend

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Driver Scorecard

  • Compare your drivers based on their driving behavior

  • Easily find opportunities for coaching as well as recognition

New Map Timeline

  • Individual Trips Makes Reporting Driver Behavior Easier

  • Locate problem areas to the exact trip and coach accordingly

Billable Landmarks

  • Billable Landmarks show time spent at places that make money

  • Customize Landmarks to be any shape, to cover any area

Groups/Team Organizer

  • As your business grows, using Groups helps teams collaborate

  • Supervisors only see their team when they log onto RFT Dashboard

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Schedule and Plan Service

  • Plan and Schedule your next vehicle service within the application

  • Assess which vehicles require the most maintenance to phase them out

Customizing Icons

  • Customize icons if you’re tracking equipment, boats, trucks, cars, or other

  • Group together vehicle-specific icons to compare maintenance

RFT on the go

  • Supervisors and drivers stay connected on the go

  • Easily manage and customize software away from your desk