Improve Safety

Using GPS to improve safety ultimately saves your business money.

Decrease Misuse

Theft, vehicle misuse and high insurance rates can quickly cripple any service fleet. Take control of your safety issues with a fleet vehicle tracking system designed to fit your particular needs.

Unsafe Driver Behavior

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) claims that speeding and unsafe driving habits, such as fast starts and stops, are the cause of most collisions. It’s simple to monitor workers in an office setting, but what about the driving behavior of your mobile workforce?

With Rhino Fleet Tracking’s safety features, you can opt to receive alerts when vehicles drive in an unsafe manner. Your vehicle tracking system dashboard is packed with preset alerts for speeding, fast starts, and fast stops so you can manage the safety of your fleet from a single web page.

The capability to effectively manage a fleet of any size is placed directly in your hands, with our fleet vehicle tracking systems.

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Reduced Liability & Insurance Rates

The benefits extend far past those of increased safety, however. From a recent issue of Automotive Digest:

“There are significant cost-savings to be gained from fleet tracking solutions. The use of GPS tracking and telematics for driver safety and efficiency often yields insurance premium discounts, according to Travelers Insurance’s Mark Lucca. Some insurance carriers are rewarding companies who integrate a GPS fleet tracking solution with up to a 15% discount on premiums. Many insurance companies, including Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Zurich North America and The Hartford, offer a range of potential discounts to their customers.”

Simply put, installing our fleet vehicle tracking systems in your vehicles can save you more than just the headache of unsafe driving. These systems contribute directly to your bottom line!