Build a Driver Safety Program using Driver Scorecard

Driver Scorecard is a driver monitoring tool included in your $16.95 monthly service.

Using Driver Scorecard allows fleet supervisors to compare drivers’ performance in order to organize fleets and assess driver safety standards.

Driver Scorecard ranks your drivers against critical performance metrics of your choice, and alerts you when your drivers violate the established driving standards. Our software equips supervisors with the data to outline expectations and communicate violations to employees present and future.

By implementing rewards for your best drivers and coaching strategies for your poor performers, your organization can build a driver safety program.

RFT Driver ScorecardRFT Driver Scorecard
Christine Jadico
Christine Jadico
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Benefits to Driver Scorecard Ranking

  • Instant visibility into performance metrics

  • Establish safety expectations for the organization

  • Compare individual drivers to the team

  • Incentivize drivers with valuable rewards

  • Onboard new employees with clear expectations

  • Historical data of driver exceptions

  • Reduced risk and liability

Rhino Fleet Tracking Features Your Business Can Utilize


Alerts send text or email notifications when allowed speeds are exceeded, idle duration is too long, vehicle are used after hours, and many others. A driver violating any safety standard can bring unwanted negative attention to the company, especially when other drivers or pedestrians feel threatened.


Essential information collected by your GPS fleet tracking solution, such as route location, stops, and actual speeds, is displayed in real time on GoogleMaps®. You’ll have the most important data right at your fingertips on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, no matter where you are.


Driver Scorecard details exact behavior changes with real-time GPS tracking data about your drivers’ habits and ranks your drivers from best to worst with that data. This provides supervisors instant visibility into safety scores and performance metrics at any point in any day.

Fleet Tracking Dashboard

See all of your fleet data in a single location.  Exceptions, Service Alerts, Fleet Status, and more… Using multiple features of the fleet tracking application creates a fully integrated experience for the user, providing an even better service to your organization.


GPS fleet tracking from Rhino also measures and reports on the length of time a driver spends driving, stopped, sustaining excessive speeds, spends on fuel, and much more. Every organization that installs a fleet tracking solution can reap the benefits of lower fuel costs and decreased labor costs.


Use scorecard reports to pinpoint needs for improvement and view individual results vs. results of others or whole team. The data can be used as a guiding tool for having those conversations with employees about their behavior. Having the data removes the feelings associated with accountability and says, “Here’s what happened.”

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