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Boost Productivity and Customer Satisfaction by Tracking

You know your customers aren’t big fans of the 4-hour arrival window, but with a mobile workforce spread around town, that feels like a necessity. Adding fleet tracking to your toolkit allows you to track and manage the location of your workers and dispatch units from job to job in a fast, efficient manner. This will help you get more jobs done faster and make your customers ecstatic.

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Air conditioning technicianThere are many ways in which GPS fleet tracking can provide a positive impact on your HVAC business. Each one of these benefits can have a direct – and often significant – impact on your bottom line.

  • Dispatch technicians efficiently to the nearest job.
  • Limit customer wait time and increase satisfaction and referrals.
  • Measure vehicle travel to evenly distribute wear and tear and minimize fuel consumption.
  • Verify mobile employee timesheets.
  • Prevent employees from using company vehicles inappropriately.
  • Recover lost or stolen vehicles.

Any one of these benefits can cover the cost of your GPS tracking system. Effectively implementing measures to achieve all of them can boost your profits dramatically. Positive reviews, word of mouth and referrals are the lifeblood of the HVAC industry, and a GPS fleet tracking solution can help you maximize all of them.