About Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking is a Market Leader in Reliable GPS Fleet Monitoring Solutions

Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000, Rhino Fleet Tracking has a scalable GPS fleet management platform to help you track and maintain your vehicles and assets. Our GPS tracking solutions enable companies to identify and address the concerns that come with managing their vehicles and movable assets. Rhino Fleet Tracking’s state-of-the-art telematics provides web-based solutions to enhance productivity with smart information gathering and real-time data feeds, all with the goal of improving workforce performance and behavior.

Best of all, these services are all easily integrated into your fleet with the help of our talented team of knowledgeable support staff.

Rhino Fleet Tracking offers an easy to learn and manage software platform that assists fleet managers in creating more efficient operations. Rhino Fleet Tracking’s cost effective solutions provide visual vehicle location systems, engine diagnostics for better vehicle maintenance, economical routing for lower fuel consumption and easy speed and mileage management. Our goal is to give fleet managers the knowledge needed to reduce operating expenses, increase revenue and maximize productivity.

Furthermore, Rhino Fleet Tracking offers custom designed and integrated solutions for OEM, resellers, and roadside assistance companies. This can give your respective clients all of the benefits that GPS fleet monitoring provides, and in a proven platform.

Currently, Rhino Fleet Tracking solutions and GPS fleet monitoring are utilized in all 50 states, as well as in many other countries around the globe. Contact us today, and discover for yourself how our systems can benefit your fleet with real results!  You should expect this from all fleet tracking companies.

To learn more about Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS fleet tracking systems, call 800-293-0420 and request a free demo today.