Flush Inefficiencies with GPS Tracking

As a plumbing business, you are often called to act at a moment’s notice. When you have to send a crew to a job late at night, you want to ensure that the crew reports in a timely fashion and is at the job when, and for as long as, they say they are. Our GPS tracking solution ensures that your employees are working when they say they are, and not moonlighting with your vehicles.

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We use Rhino Fleet Tracking to track and send directions to our custom application equipment. This service has benefited us very well! It helps with our logistics phenomenally.” – Kyle Samples, Assistant Facilities Manager, Crop Production Services

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Fleet Tracking is  a Powerful Tool for Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

Our plumbing customers utilize GPS Fleet Tracking services in many ways to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary labor expenses. With the ability to pull reports on your drivers’ whereabouts, you can quickly dispatch a driver to the customer’s location with ease. Not only that, you can see exactly how long the driver was at the job site and either pull this information to complete payroll, or match it with an established payroll system to ensure that the hours worked are the hours paid, and nothing more or less.

Fleet tracking is also a powerful tool for maximizing customer satisfaction. Whether it’s directing crews to the nearest job to minimize wait times or streamlining scheduling to give customers a better idea of when to expect your crew to arrive, you will be saving your customers time and worry. Fleet tracking and fleet management can be synonymous, and our solution gives you the power to manage your workforce.

In addition to tracking and managing workers, fleet tracking allows you to sleep well at night knowing that your vehicles are safe. GPS tracking is proven to be an invaluable resource when tracking down lost or stolen vehicles and equipment.

Your trucks have your name on them, so they represent your brand wherever they go, whether they are on the clock or not. GPS tracking allows you to not only ensure that they only go where you deem appropriate, it also enables you to track your workers’ driving habits to be sure they are driving safely and handling your vehicle efficiently.