Eliminate Theft & Waste

Monitor Company Resources

A fleet GPS tracking system is the ultimate solution for eliminating theft and waste. Rhino Fleet Tracking’s software solutions monitor your fleet’s usage of company resources, and gives fleet managers key details on vehicle and asset activities.

Should it occur, Our fleet GPS tracking system and software can immediately pinpoint where your vehicle or asset is to assist with a quick theft recovery.

Unauthorized Stops

Unauthorized stops waste fuel and time. Our GPS tracking system monitors your drivers when you can’t, and alerts you to unauthorized driving activity at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. No longer do you have to wonder if company equipment is being misused!

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Deviation in Route and Spike in Fuel Use

Our fleet GPS tracking system can effectively monitor mileage and keep tabs on fuel consumption. This data is collected by a device installed in the vehicle, and can be accessed by fleet managers at all times. If you believe company assets are being misused, a fleet GPS tracking system can conclusively remove any question in your mind.

Monitor Excessive Idling

A vehicle idling consumes fuel, and although this is acceptable at a certain level, excessive idling is bad news for fuel consumption. A fleet tracking system can show when your vehicles are idling for an unusually long periods of time, and thereby wasting fuel and being generally unproductive.

Observe Vehicle Speed Real-Time

Not only is speeding a safety concern, but it can also cause big spikes in fuel consumption. With our system installed, fleet managers will get alerts if a particular vehicle is going beyond the prescribed speed limit at any given time, so they can correct the errant driver and provide guidance for improvement.

Accurate Routing and Dispatching

An inefficient route wastes money in both lost time and fuel usage. Rhino Fleet Tracking’s routing system includes the essential features needed to keep vehicles on the most efficient routes possible.

Our Garmin integrated fleet tracking and routing system includes enhanced IFTA reporting, E-logs, instant messaging, and accurate estimation of arrival times.

When a new stop must be added, dispatchers can instantly see the location of fleet vehicles, allowing them to dispatch the nearest vehicle to the destination, minimizing overall fleet mileage. This “big-picture” view is invaluable when managing large numbers of commercial vehicles in a cost-effective and safe manner.