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Relentless Customer Care

What is Relentless Customer Care?

GPS tracking service is one of the most service-intensive business products currently on the market. How often must you call your service provider for cable, Internet, and cell service? Now, multiply that by a factor of five. When you purchase cheap online GPS tracking services and devices, you’re on your own. Don’t be left out in the cold. Rhino Fleet Tracking provides exceptional Relentless Customer Care every step of the way.

Our Support Offerings Include:

Free System Training

It doesn’t matter how good our custom GPS tracking service and software is unless you know how to use it.

Rhino Fleet Tracking is the ONLY company in the business that provides person-to-person training for our software. You’ll know every important feature and understand the click-by-click processes to get the most efficiency from your fleet.

Free Installation Help

If you need information to install your GPS tracking devices, we’ll walk you through the process, person to person.

If you can’t install the device yourself, we’ll find the best installer in your area and even schedule an appointment for you.

The Right Order Every Time

Relentless Customer Care means excellent communication, and at Rhino Fleet Tracking, we communicate well and often.

We’ll call you to confirm every aspect of your order. We’ll call to confirm your order shipment. We’ll even call to confirm your receipt and even make sure your system is online. Now that’s communication.

After Care

Rhino Fleet Tracking promises you won’t be left in the cold after installation. Need more information on special alerts about speed or geofences and can’t figure it out? We’re only a phone call away.

Having problems with a tracking device? Dial our number! When you purchase from Rhino Fleet Tracking, we’re relentless about servicing your needs the way you want them to be serviced.


At Rhino Fleet Tracking, we believe in frequent and helpful communication. When is the last time you received a call from your cell provider or cable company?

Relentless Customer Care means we keep in close contact with you so you don’t have to call us when there’s a problem with your GPS tracking service. We make every effort to understand your business so we can anticipate your needs. That’s communication.

Choose Rhino Fleet Tracking, we’re relentless about customer care.

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