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Don’t Let Bad Employees Take You To The Cleaners

Any business that sends its workers out to jobsites is vulnerable to the dreaded “time theft”: when employees are supposed to be out working but instead go home, out to lunch, visit friends, etc. Tracking your vehicles can give you peace of mind that your employees are where they’re supposed to be during work hours. Plus, it gives you valuable support to show your clients that their jobs are getting attended to.

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We use Rhino Fleet Tracking to track and send directions to our custom application equipment. This service has benefited us very well! It helps with our logistics phenomenally.” – Kyle Samples, Assistant Facilities Manager, Crop Production Services

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For Facilities Cleaners

Few businesses are subject to more client scrutiny than cleaning companies. Whether you’re a small one- or two-crew operation that cleans houses or a big company with dozens of trucks and large commercial contracts, having backup to show your customers that your crews were onsite for a given time can be critical. Not only does this help you demonstrate to your clients that their facilities and linens are getting cleaned, but it also helps you evaluate your employees so you can reward your top performers and train your weakest links.

For Garment and Textile Cleaners

Laundering services face a different kind of time pressure than facilities cleaners; as a launderer, your clients expect their materials to be cleaned on a specific schedule. Vehicle tracking can be critical to ensuring that your network of drivers are visiting all of your clients and collecting their materials on a regular – and timely – basis. Fleet tracking can also help you help you schedule pick-ups and drop-offs more efficiently and manage your fleet. You will gain confidence that your drivers are driving safely, arriving and leaving clients’ and your facilities promptly, and maintaining the proper work schedule.