GPS Fleet Tracking Fleet of Trucks

Track Exact Location of Shipments

Shipping is quickly becoming one of the largest expenses for businesses with physical products. For shippers, this means that it’s more important than ever for you to protect your customers’ shipments and deliver them on time and in one piece. Avoiding delays and preventing – or at least recovering from – theft are crucial to your business.

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Track Your Shipments

As a shipping company, you can know exactly where your customers’ shipments are by tracking all of your vehicles that carry them. This allows you to ensure on-time delivery by adjusting routes at a moment’s notice. It also allows you to track your drivers to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible and following the rules of the road. With our system, you are able to track both your vehicles and your cargo, be it in containers or trailers.

Real Life Application – Stolen Cargo Recovered

We have several customers who use 3rd party shippers to transport goods across the country. Everyone knows that copper is extremely expensive and makes a great target for thieves. As such, our customer was tracking their shipment as it went across the country. The driver reported that, somehow, his load was stolen from him at a truck stop. Upon notification, our customer logged in and found the GPS tracking device a few miles away. Our customer service team was able to assist the officers and navigate them directly to the stolen trailer and wire.