gps tracking on service vehicle

Optimize Your Customer Service with Fleet Tracking

Nothing is more crucial to the success and even survival of a service company than its reputation for strong customer service. Ensuring that your mobile workforce is where it needs to be when it needs to be there is one of the first steps to achieving customer satisfaction. Along this same line, rapid response time to customer needs will generate happy customers and referral business.

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When you’re a service company, you need to provide the top-notch service your customers expect both on-time and on-budget. Many service companies such as locksmiths, towing companies, and auto glass repair are serving customers in emergency situations. Even if these are not truly dire situations, your customer still feels that heightened sense of urgency, and a slow response will very negatively impact their impression of your company.

GPS fleet tracking allows you to send the right unit to the job every time. When you can know exactly where each of your vehicles are at all times, you will be able to quickly discern which worker can respond to a call quickest. That way, you ensure the most rapid response possible which will keep your customer happy.

Even if your customers aren’t dealing with that same sense of urgency, none of your customers like to be kept waiting. Fleet tracking enables you to dispatch drivers to the next closest job every time, so if jobs finish faster or slower than anticipated, you can ensure the next customer in line gets the service they need as quickly as possible. Avoiding customer complaints about missed service windows will save you from poor reviews, sleepless nights and unmeasurable potential lost revenue.