Reduce Maintenance Costs

Minimize Costs with Rhino Fleet Tracking

To a company that relies on its fleet, vehicle breakdowns are costly. Unexpected repairs and lost time on the road can take a real toll on operating budgets.

A simple task like an oil change or tire check, when missed, can lead to vehicle damage and repairs, cost the company money, cause delays, and ultimately lower customer satisfaction levels.

Rhino Fleet Tracking’s real time fleet tracking solutions can help you minimize the high costs of vehicle breakdowns by ensuring your fleet operates as efficiently as possible. With Rhino Fleet Tracking’s system, you can schedule alerts to notify you when each vehicle is due for specific services.

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Proactive Maintenance Alerts

Prevent unexpected breakdowns and avoid costly repairs with Rhino Fleet Tracking’s real time fleet management solutions. The system’s diagnostics feature can run a check on a vehicle’s engine and provide detailed information on the engine’s condition, then send you proactive alerts when a problem is detected that needs attention.

Advance and Overdue Maintenance Reminders

Something as minor as a missed oil change can mean big trouble for your fleet. Even the most diligent fleet manager can occasionally overlook routine maintenance processes which can lead to vehicle performance issues. You’ll never miss an oil change or other scheduled maintenance when you set service alerts on Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking system.

Easy to Access Individual Maintenance Records

Fleet managers can add notes to any vehicle’s maintenance record so special instructions will be carried out when maintenance personnel brings a vehicle in for checking and replacement. Rhino Fleet Tracking’s real time fleet tracking solution can help you minimize the high costs of vehicle breakdowns by ensuring that nothing flies under the radar.

Rhino Fleet Tracking developed a customized system for our customer, Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, which allowed them to track the history of each vehicle. Details like incidents of speeding, idle times, and after-hours usage were recorded, and Bonded is now able to manage their drivers and their fleet maintenance effectively. 

This increases safetydecreases fuel consumption, and helps manage maintenance concerns. Bonded took control of their fleet, using Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking solution customized for their particular needs.

To learn more about Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS fleet tracking systems, call 800-293-0420 and request a free demo today.

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