OEM Development

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) GPS Development

Are you in the business of marketing products or services to construction, oil and gas, chemical, agricultural, or aviation customers? If your company provides services to these types of customers with vehicle fleets or expensive portable assets, OEM GPS tracking should be part of your product line.

A GPS tracking solution will gather essential data on equipment usage, location, fuel consumption, etc., and help your customers use their companies’ assets to maximize productivity and cut operating expenses while improving operator safety.

Honeywell Offers GPS Fleet Tracking to 70,000 Customers

When Honeywell demanded OEM GPS fleet tracking systems for over 70,000 customers, their first choice for custom integration was Rhino Fleet Tracking.

Rhino Fleet Tracking’s engineers and programmers invested thousands of hours to provide the perfect solution for Honeywell customers.

Their customized tracking and application solution is considered one of the finest available on the market today.

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Agrian Partners with Rhino Fleet Tracking on API Integration, E-Logs, IFTA Compliance

Agrian, a Fortune 500 agriculture solutions provider, requested a custom GPS tracking solution for their fleet customers, and Rhino Fleet Tracking answered their call. Rhino Fleet Tracking provided API integration, E-Logs, IFTA compliance, and dispatching capability that integrated directly into their fleet management system.

Solidify your partnership with your valued customers by offering them your product, plus the added value of an OEM GPS tracking solution from Rhino Fleet Tracking.