Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking systems allow businesses to easily monitor their trucks, trailers, vans, and other vehicles and equipment. Installation of a GPS fleet tracking system allows drivers, managers, and staff to improve their communication in order to increase profits and maintain a high level of security.

Fleet managers and business owners will find it easier to manage their fleets with a GPS tracking system. Routes and deliveries can be completed within the allotted time, and managers can track their fleet and drivers from a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone. Vehicles in remote or urban locations are easily detected and monitored from the office, or anywhere in the world.

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Key Benefits of our GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Detailed Field Reporting

Reports of speed, stops, and mileage are provided for specific dates and times making it easier for business owners and fleet managers to utilize this information to revise routes, address problems that lead to costly inefficiencies and to create accurate field reporting on any metrics most important to their bottom line profits.

Fleet Tracking Dashboard

See all of your fleet data in a single location.  Exceptions, Service Alerts, Fleet Status, and more…

Tracking Map

Setting Landmarks

Fleet managers can set landmarks to pinpoint the location of each driver in the fleet. If a driver becomes lost, takes unnecessary detours or strays from a route for any reason, supervisors will know and be able to take immediate action.

GeoFence Alerts

A geofence is a virtually defined area designated by business owners or fleet managers, so they can have greater control of their fleet vehicles or assets. Many fleet managers use geofences to validate that their vehicles have entered or departed their defined area. The outside of your set boundaries serve as a notification trigger. Businesses can use this to alert them when their vehicles are used without their permission (side jobs, moonlighting or unauthorized-use).

Speeding Alert

The speeding alert feature sends notifications when allowed speeds are exceeded. When a company vehicle exceeds the speed limit, it uses more fuel, is more likely to be in an accident, and can bring unwanted negative attention to the company when other drivers or pedestrians become annoyed or feel threatened.

Stop Times

GPS fleet tracking from Rhino also measures and reports on the length of time a driver spends at each stop. The driver that spends an extra 15 minutes at each stop on the route is far less productive that the driver that stops for the minimum time required at each destination. Putting a stop to this can lead to lower fuel costs and a decreased labor costs.


Essential information collected by your GPS fleet tracking solution, such as route location, stops, and actual speeds, is displayed in real time on GoogleMaps®. You’ll have the most important data right at your fingertips on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, no matter where you are.

After-Hours Alerts

Do you know where company vehicles are after hours? If an employee is using a company vehicle outside of authorized work hours, you will receive an immediate alert via text or email. Fleet tracking can ensure that your company assets are properly used, no matter what time it is.

Routing, EOBR, HOS / E-logs

Service and delivery fleets must use the most efficient routes possible in order to maximize profitability and minimize waste. Rhino Fleet Tracking’s routing system includes all the features fleet managers need to keep their vehicles on the most efficient route possible. In addition to full day routing with dispatching, messaging, and estimation of arrival times, our system also includes enhanced IFTA reporting and E-logs.

Our goal at Rhino Fleet Tracking is to provide business owners and professionals with the critical information needed to achieve maximum profitability. Our fleet tracking systems are competitive in the market, and fully equipped with the most advanced technologies to help businesses save time and money.

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