Fleet Telematics

Fleet Tracking Made Easier

Fleet tracking is made easier with Rhino Fleet Tracking’s fleet telematics solutions. Imagine a fleet management solution that brings together the power of telecommunications and GPS systems to give you an easy-to-access, easy-to-manage monitoring scheme.

Tracking fleets of any size can be challenging, but this process is greatly simplified by Rhino Fleet Tracking’s fleet telematics solutions. Telematics enables you to pinpoint the location of any vehicle in your fleet at any point in time, and gives you instant secured access to vehicle information and progress. Both of these information types are essential for logistics.

Vehicle Tracking

The daunting task of tracking a massive fleet is made easy through location devices installed within the vehicle.

These devices then transmit data to a GPS receiver, at which point that information is sent out by the location device. It’s then translated by the GPS receiver, and is converted to monitoring data and reflected as a visual reference on GoogleMaps®.

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Secured Information Transfer

Individual vehicle data and progress monitoring is an essential part of seamless operations.

Fleet telematics enables secure data transfer from the mobile data terminal in the vehicle directly to the fixed data terminal in the office. This is made possible with the transfer of computer data using wireless data communications.

Improve Driver Performance

Immediate feedback on a driver’s negative behavior is key to helping your workforce perform better.

Fleet telematics can provide real-time alerts to your fleet administrator to help them know what driving behaviors should be improved.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Fleet telematics helps you control fuel costs by providing information on driver behavior.

Driving style directly affects fuel consumption, and a driver that always floors the pedal is bound to consume more fuel. Having the ability to correct this in real-time will substantially reduce your company’s overall fuel consumption.