Trailer & Equipment Tracking

4G LTE Battery Powered Equipment Tracker
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4G LTE Battery Powered Equipment Tracker

  • Device cost as low as $29.95!
  • Monthly service as low as $8.95
  • IP67 Rated for Dust and Water-Resistant
  • Up to 8 Year Battery Life
  • Field-Changeable Batteries
  • Easily Mountable
  • Alerts on Movement (when configured to do so)
  • Great for trailers, construction equipment, lawn equipment, containers or any other asset that does NOT have a power source.
powered asset tracker
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4G LTE Powered Asset Tracker with Battery Backup

  • Device cost only $69.95!
  • Monthly service only $15.95
  • 4G LTE
  • Hard-wired, flexible mounting options for additional reporting
  • 2 year battery live with standard reporting
  • Great for trailers, tractors, boats, or any other asset that has a power source but may not be on power all the time

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Key features of Rhino Fleet Tracking’s trailer and equipment tracking service

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Trailer Tracking Features

  • Cloud-Based System
  • Track Daily or Every Few Minutes
  • Weatherproof Trailer Tracking Devices
  • Battery-Only Trackers
  • Rechargeable Trackers with Tethered Options
  • 1-A-Day Locates or Movement Based
  • Low-Cost Monitoring Options
  • Google Maps®
  • Movement and Geofence Alerts
  • API Integration with your systems

Equipment Tracking

  • Cloud-Based System
  • Track Landscaping, Heavy Equipment, Utility Trailers
  • Small, Easily-Concealed Tracking Devices
  • Battery-Only options and Hybrid or Wired and Battery options
  • GeoFence and Movement Alerts via Email and/or Text
  • Historical View
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Resolve Billing Disputes
  • Equipment Recovery Stories!

Trailer Tracking Devices for Over-The-Road, Storage Fleets, Drop Trailers, etc…

Rhino Fleet Tracking sources the best, US-engineered GPS tracking devices to deliver the right solution for your business.

Trailer Tracking

  • Battery-Only Devices
  • Externally-Powered with Battery Backup
  • Solar/Externally-Powered/Battery Devices
  • Infrequent Location Information
  • Very Frequent Location Information
  • Hook & Drop Locates
  • Geofencing
  • More…

Trailer Tracker Configurations

With a variety of trailer tracking devices available, Rhino can fit the right solution to your business problems.

  1. Infrequent Locates for longest battery life
  2. Motion-Based Locates on battery to track 3rd party shipping
  3. Tethered/Untethered tracking options for dedicated trailers (Used to track company-owned trailers carried by OO’s or 3rd party drivers)
  4. USPS-Compliant tracking solutions
  5. CMDA and 3G options on the Verizon and AT&T networks
  6. T-Mobile options for maximum value

Trailer Tracking Device Types

  1. Low profile, Battery-Only trailer tracker with IP 69K Rating
  2. Rechargeable/Tethered Trackers with long off-power life
  3. Solar Tracking Devices

Continuous Visibility of Trailers, Containers, and Equipment

Our GPS trailer tracking systems allow you to monitor large assets from any location and in real-time. Maintain constant visibility of trailers, containers, and other equipment on GoogleMaps®, in real time, for maximum control of your customers’ goods or your own assets.

Better Equipment Usage

When you know exactly where your equipment is, there’s no need to waste time and fuel going from location to location find it. GPS trailer tracking allows you to manage equipment usage more effectively, which in turn reduces fuel costs and goes a long way towards eliminating waste.

Improved Communications

Trailer tracking gives you the ability to receive regular updates on the progress of shipments, because you’re able to see your asset’s location during the entire route. This transmittal of information via GPS trailer tracking allows you to cut lead times and maximize efficiencies with up-to-the-minute shipment status updates.

Enhanced Monitoring

Monitoring trailers, cargo, and equipment from remote locations allows you to anticipate and avoid equipment or operational problems, decrease losses, and better plan for routine maintenance procedures, reducing overall maintenance costs. And all of this is accomplished in real time.

Greater Trailer, Equipment, & Cargo Security

Constant GPS tracking of trailers or a piece of equipment provides greater security for valuable goods and, in the event of threat or theft, greatly increases the likelihood of asset recovery.

Investing in Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS trailer tracking system is an easy decision. Our Cloud-hosted trailer-tracking platform provides the perfect all-in-one solution for managing your organization’s valuable assets, especially for construction fleet management.

GPS Vehicle Tracking or Real Time GPS Tracking provides up-to-the-minute location information on your fleet when they are away from the office.

Vehicle Tracking

  • OBD II Tracking Devices
  • Installed Tracking Devices
  • ELD/EOBR Tracking for Hours of Service
  • Fleet Tracking API’s and Integrations
  • Fully Featured GPS tracking
  • Dispatching
  • Garmin® Navigation integrations
  • More…
GPS Vehicle Tracking

To learn more about Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS fleet tracking systems, call 800-293-0420 and request a free demo today.