Dash Cameras Q&A

Within the Fleet Tracking space there are a lot of solutions, some of which may or may not suit your business, and you are in search of the best answer to your business’ problems.

Dash Cameras are a solution that we currently offer our customers because their safety is a priority to us. How can you safely implement a dash cameras and how effective will they be for your business? We answer some of the most pressing questions around fleet tracking with dash cameras below.

  • How does using Cameras lower my liability?

If your driver is in an accident and someone says it’s their fault. You have the proof in front of you by accessing camera footage. The camera can be subpoenaed in a courtroom.

  • How Can Cameras Help Cut Business Costs?

Reports on driver behavior and route planning help your business stay on top of expenses and cut down on expenses you don’t need.

  • Do Cameras prevent theft?

For safety and security. If your vehicle is being stolen you have immediate access to their location and what’s going on with your vehicle. Theft is nearly impossible.

  • Are Cameras difficult to install?

Just peel and stick it on your windshield! No need for an installer.

  • Can I Track Location?

GPS tracking technology allows you to see your vehicle’s whereabouts at any time.

  • Is the Camera a GPS device also?

That’s right, one device provides all your Telematic information and captures video of your drivers.

  • How do I access my videos?

Easily access and watch clips within the same dashboard you always use to access your vehicle information.

  • Why Fleet Tracking with Cameras?

Use data to make decisions about your drivers. Visual data coupled with driver reports leaves no grey areas for your drivers to be out of line.

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