Price includes device cost. Shipping*, activation, and first** month’s service will be added at checkout. You may cancel service at any time.

Trackers are designed for business use only. Personal tracking is prohibited.

Powered asset trackers are great for trailers, tractors, boats, or any other asset that has a power source but may not be on power all the time. Rhino Fleet Tracking also carries battery only asset trackers, call us for details.

Price Breakdown:

Device: $99.95
Activation: $20.00
First Month: $15.95

*Shipping cost is $9 for up to 10 devices shipped within the United States and Canada. Shipping cost is $13 for 11 or more devices within the United States and Canada. If you require shipping outside of these regions, please contact us before ordering.

**If purchase occurs before the 15th of the month, the current month is the first month. Otherwise, a prorated first month may be invoiced.