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gps fleet tracker on roadside assistance

Reach Customers Faster and Mind the Clock

GPS tracking can help auto service companies quickly and efficiently dispatch the nearest driver to customers in need. In a competitive market that is often first come, first served, rapid response can win you more jobs and increase revenues and profits. Tracking also enables fleet managers to ensure that trucks are used only during appropriate work hours.

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White flatbed tow truckTowing is a very competitive marketplace. Winning a job can come down to a matter of mere minutes. GPS tracking gives towing companies a major leg as it enables your fleet manager to dispatch the nearest available truck to the scene as well as providing the most efficient route to get there.

Tracking also provides fleet owners the ability to monitor their vehicles both on and off the clock. A GPS tracking system can be instrumental in assisting fleet managers with validating time sheets. Towing is an industry that is rife with moonlighting, where truck drivers will perform extra jobs off the clock (or even surreptitiously while on the clock) for cash payments. This inappropriate use of a company vehicle produces a litany of problems:

  • Loss of revenue from jobs that should have belonged to the company
  • Additional wear and tear on company vehicles without offsetting revenue
  • Risk of vehicle damage or worker injury on jobs that are not benefitting the company

GPS vehicle tracking gives you the ability to monitor employees to ensure that those behaviors do not occur, and if they do, the ability to take appropriate action to stop them.