Fleet Manager Software Benefits

Benefits of GPS Tracking

Workforce payroll often represents one of a company’s largest expenses.

Fleet managers recognize that increased efficiency can have a substantial impact on their profitability.

Do your drivers arrive on time? Do they follow work schedules, or are they taking long lunch breaks? All of these personnel accountability issues can be a real headache for fleet managers.

When companies purchase a GPS fleet management solution, the initial goal is to effectively track vehicles to reduce operation costs. However, many companies soon discover that the enhanced accountability provided by vehicle telematics can also lower labor costs substantially.

More Productive Scheduling

Route scheduling is a tricky business. Schedules that are too loose result in drivers on standby, lower productivity per driver, and a waste of company resources. A schedule that is too tight causes late arrivals, low customer satisfaction, and frustrated workers.

Vehicle telematics solutions allow companies to project route travel times based on actual data gathered from its vehicles. This then allows the scheduler to assign trips and schedule breaks in the most efficient, cost effective way, easing headaches for both drivers and customers.

Eliminate Unnecessary Overtime

Overtime work hours are costly for a company, both in actual wages paid and in the lowered productivity cost incurred by employee fatigue and inefficiency.

With Rhino Fleet Tracking’s vehicle telematics, you can track drivers’ actual hours worked and hours not worked, detect and put a stop to prolonged breaks, discover time-sheet fraud and get overtime costs under control, all while greatly reducing your paperwork.

As an example, a Texas school district customer was alerted to a maintenance team who simply parked all day instead of working. Another customer was alerted to a driver who stopped at home for 30 minutes between each delivery, which ended up costing the company over $2500 per year.

For these customers, vehicle telematics proved to be an important, money-saving integration into their fleet. Contact us today!