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FMCSA 395.15 Compliant Electronic Logbooks System

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AOBRD System Features

  • Truck Driver Logbook Monitoring
  • HOS Violation Monitoring
  • Electronic DVIR Submissions
  • Available Driver Time
  • Dispatching
  • 2-Way Driver Messaging
  • IFTA Data Collection and Reporting
  • Driver Logbook Storage
  • In-Cab Truck Navigation
  • Engine Fault Code Alerts
  • Fleet Monitoring Included
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Geofences
  • Speeding Alerts and Reports
  • Stop Monitoring
  • Multiple Reports
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • More…
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Fleet Dispatching

Send your drivers to the exact spot you need them.  Included with Rhino’s electronic logbook solution, you automatically get the dispatching system built on Google Maps®.  Although we offer unlimited training, you won’t need much of it!  The system is incredibly easy to use.

  • Send a New Stop
  • Send a Saved Stop
  • Send a List of Stops
  • Send & Receive messages
  • Send & Receive Forms
  • Truck Safe Routing
  • Traffic Avoidance*

At no extra charge, the Rhino Fleet Tracking electronic logbook system automatically includes all of these features.  When you send a driver a Stop or List of Stops, the driver is automatically navigated via trucking-safe routes.

*Requires special hardware

IFTA Reporting

The electronic logbook system includes International Fuel Tax Agreement mileage reports.  These are recorded with great precision by the Garmin® navigation and electronic logbook device.  The reports, which include “At the Pump” reporting are then downloaded and stored on our servers for you to pull.

“At the Pump” logs include type of fuel, amount of fuel purchased, price, and tax information.

The IFTA reports are stored as .csv files and are available to import into multiple systems speeding the IFTA state reporting time and eliminating the reliance on paper logs.

***  Some data on the report pictured was removed to show a more concise image

Driver’s View

The Electronic Logbook, in the trucker’s cab, allows the truck driver to easily switch duty status, show an officer his or her logbook and complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports.

The Garmin® dēzl navigation device, included in the electronic logbook system, will navigate drivers to designated locations using only truck-approved routes.  With an optional upgrade cable, the Garmin® device will redirect the trucker around traffic issues and give alerts as to costly delays on the road ahead.

Most Garmin® dēzl Navigation Device also feature:

  • 7.0-inch glass display
  • Lifetime¹ maps of North America, plus lifetime HD Digital Traffic²
  • Custom truck routing³ for the size and weight of your truck
  • Truck & Trailer Services Directory, plus points of interest (POIs) highly-rated by truckers
  • Road warnings, including sharp curves, bridge heights, weight limits and more

You can purchase Garmin® Android devices, and dezl™ devices directly from Rhino Fleet Tracking or order your Garmin® dēzl™ devices from any retail vendor or directly from Garmin.

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