GPS Tracking with Amazon Alexa

Do you have your hands full running your business?

Do you sometimes just need to know where your drivers are working?

Would it be great just to tell someone to take care of simple tasks and have them be completed?

Rhino Fleet Tracking has enabled our GPS tracking customers to use the Amazon line of products that are equipped with Alexa (Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and more) to obtain information quickly to manage their fleets.

Rhino Fleet Tracking with Amazon Alexa allows customers to say utterances like the following to get quick answers or make fast driver assignments.

Alexa, ask Rhino “where are my devices?”

Alexa, ask Rhino “where are my drivers?”

Alexa, ask Rhino “where is [driver]?”

Alexa, ask Rhino “where is [device]?”

Alexa, ask Rhino to assign driver [driver] to [device]

Alexa, ask Rhino “which drivers are at [landmark]?”

We worked hard to be the first full service fleet tracking company to bring Voice Activated Location Tracking to business owners and fleet managers. “While our fleet tracking system offers a great variety of tools for fleet managers and owners, we find that the simplest of tasks are performed most often. So, if we can enable our GPS tracking customers the ability to locate their drivers or vehicles simply by asking… Well, that is a powerful use of technology to drive efficiency with no ramp time at all!” explains Rhino Fleet Tracking CEO, Steven Van Ooyen.

Alexa, where are my drivers?

Alexa, where are my drivers?

Alexa, assign driver Tom to Truck 1

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