EOBR System and Cloud-Based Software

Electronic Log Books | Federal Regulations Compliant | Affordable | Easy to Setup

New Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA AOBRD compliance mandates are causing turmoil in our industry. Don’t spend thousands of man hours on paper forms when 100% AOBRD compliance is right at your fingertips with our custom-built electronic logbook software. IFTA tracking is automatically included! The Rhino Fleet Tracking program includes all you need to be compliant as well as a full fleet tracking solution, IFTA reporting, and DVIR form submission program.

Current AOBRD System for ELogs

Full AOBRD and Fleet Tracking System
  • Customers who installed an approved AOBRD system for ELogs (based on FMCSA 395.15) prior to December 18, 2017 will remain compliant until December 16, 2019
  • The Rhino system provides complete HOS/AOBRD, Dispatching, and Fleet solution in the cab and the office
  • A full solution for all Federal HOS, E-log, and IFTA regulations
Electronic Logbook in Cab

Rhino HOS in the Cab

Rhino’s electronic log solution was designed to make the logging of hours simple for the driver and the fleet manager.

Rhino HOS in the Office

Rhino HOS logbook software provides required compliance information for all DOT and FMCSA regulations including:

  • Secure driver login
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Garmin® navigation with DEZL®
  • Traffic avoidance
  • Pending violation alerts
  • Electronic logbooks (ELogs)
  • 7 or 8 day logbook history
  • Off duty status times
  • Cumulative on duty times
  • Download electronic logbook details from secure server
  • Travel alerts (scales, truck stops, etc…)
  • All qualified rest times and dates
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • DOT HOS report
  • Industrial driver rules with reset
  • 16 hour on duty exemption rule 395
  • Adverse driving condition rules
  • State based rules
  • Exception rules
  • Commercial vehicle rules for passengers and property
  • HOS Dashboard
  • DVIR Reports
  • Driver Dispatching
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • Driver violation report
  • Driver logbook report/log books
  • Driver available hours report
  • Driver next day report
  • Engine diagnostic codes
Garmin 670 Android HOS Device

The Garmin® 670 Android™ Personal Navigation Device is only available through Garmin’s fleet partners.  Click the image to learn more.

This device gives you all of the features of the Garmin® dēzl devices plus a fast processor capable of running all of the apps you love with Android™ and video.

For trucking carriers who are looking at truck driver retention, this device gives another perk in a competitive truck driver employment market.  Ideally used with one of Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS Trackers.

Electronic Log book, Affordable ELD Systems, and Hours of Service (HOS) Solution

Hours of Service, or HOS, is a list of FMCSA regulations that require complete information on truck driver log books for commercial vehicles used for interstate commerce. Rhino HOS Solutions provides 100% ELD compliance to these regulations by automating all processes currently used in logbooks for truck drivers. Rhino HOS solutions provide all trucking logbook data in the cab and in the office.

DOT and FMCSA Regulations

DOT and FMCSA regulations are a difficult requirement every trucking firm must endure. Logbooks (or log books) have been a core component of these regulations along with IFTA laws. With the new FMCSA 395.15 regulations, trucking firms and truck drivers are now required to maintain accurate electronic logbooks.

In the past, the midsize and smaller companies haven’t had many options. Most electronic logbook software systems were built to fit the biggest motor carriers. These solutions were too expensive, time consuming to learn, and just too much work to maintain.

As a result, we at Rhino Fleet Tracking have partnered with Garmin® to create a comprehensive HOS fleet tracking system that is considerably more affordable than the “big” company systems.

For fleets of 3 or more trucks, Rhino offers 24/7 customer service, US-based service, development, and training. No contract required, and flexible plans to meet your specific needs.

Additionally, our HOS solution includes free dispatching and 2-way communication with your drivers.