Bonded Lightning Protection Systems

Business type: Installation and service of commercial lightning protection
Number of vehicles: 50 trucks
GPS Devices: Installed tracking devices locating every 10 minutes

Bonded Lightning Protection Systems repairs and installs commercial lightning protection systems. Their vehicles are in constant motion, which made maintenance and safety a major concern. Bonded Lightning Protection Systems was also concerned about long idle times and vehicle misuse. They simply felt out of control.


Rhino Fleet Tracking developed a customized system for Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, which allowed them to track the history of each vehicle including speeding, long idle times, and after hours usage. Bonded Lightning Protection Systems is now able to manage their fleet maintenance and drivers, which increases safety, decreases fuel consumption, and helps manage maintenance concerns. Bonded Lightening Protection Systems took control of their fleet, using a Rhino Fleet Tracking GPS tracking solution customized for them.